I am Primal Pappachan doing my Undergraduate studies in Computer Science and Engineering at Government Engineering, Thrissur.  Hope this line describes all the formal parameters.

I am a person with varied interests. Maybe I have not tried it all. But I have imagined all the possibilities, in case that makes me an all-rounder. I love being focussed, following a dream and I admire people who do it. I believe in walking forward even in darkness hoping there is light at the end of the tunnel. You may have understood why sometimes my friends call me a philosopher. Well, I myself hate the real philosophy.  As one of my quotes say “Optimism only delays the results.” I am not a pessimist either. Let’s call me a hybrid.

This blog is much about technical stuff. It doesn’t mean I am 24*7 into tech stuff. The reality is far from it. I love to write lyrics. Hope one day you will be listening to a song written by me on your iPod.  When I am bored I would switch to watching movies or reading books. If both of these doesn’t work out, I would ponder over ways to conquer the world with an idea.

I am a lazy blogger, but a crazy twitaholic. So catch me up on twitter so that we can stay connected. My twitter handle is @primalpop.


One response to “#define

  1. Jennifer

    I was looking at your post here: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/3432651/extremely-simple-menu-question and I am trying to do something similar and i am having a problem with the second xml file, result.xml. I feel like it might be in the wrong place or something weird like that because my initial xml file, main.xml, will work in place of result but result will not work at all whether i put it in the first class or the second class. Since i was using your code as an example i would like to know if you have any suggestions for me.


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